International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749

Boolean Curve Fitting with the Aid of Variable-Entered Karnaugh Maps

Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi, Ahmed Said Balamesh

Pages 1287-1306

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Forced Convection through Discrete Heat Sources and Simple Thermal Model – A Numerical Study

Kartikaswami Hasavimath, Kishan Naik, Banjara Kotresha, N. Gnanasekaran

Pages 1397-1406

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Optimization of Replica Consistency and Conflict Resolution in Data Grid Environment

Priyanka Vashisht, Vijay Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Anju Sharma

Pages 1420-1433

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Adaptive Matching of the Radar Signal and Image Display Device Dynamic Ranges

Vitaliy Garmash, Yuriy Petrov, Andrey Andreev, Anatoly Zaitsev

Pages 1448-1458

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A Mathematical Model to Solve the Burgers-Huxley Equation by using New Homotopy Perturbation Method

Dinesh Kumar Maurya, Ravendra Singh, Yogendra Kumar Rajoria

Pages 1483-1495

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Modelling Popularity Dynamics Based on YouTube Viewers and Subscribers

Mohammed Shahid Irshad, Adarsh Anand, Marut Bisht

Pages 1508-1521

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