International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 7 (2022), Number 2 (April)

A Simulation Approach to Solve Power System Transmission Problems

María Julia Blas, Gonzalo E. Alvarez

Pages 166-175

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Simulation for Decision Support in Process Reengineering in the Automotive Industry

Yúmina Alexandre Zêdo, Ana Luísa Ferreira Andrade Ramos

Pages 176-192

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Time Domain Implementation of Consistent Boundaries for Continuum Two-Dimensional Wave Propagation Problems Using ABAQUS User-Defined Elements

J. Rama Raju Patchamatla, P. K. Emani

Pages 196-210

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Evaluation of VANETs Routing Protocols for Data-Based Smart Health Monitoring in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Suresh Kumar Sharma, Seema , Rajwant Singh Rao, Pawan Singh, Suhel Ahmad Khan

Pages 211-230

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Capturing the Differential Impacts of Easing COVID-19 Restrictions: Application of a Hybrid Model of Entropy and TOPSIS

Debasis Neogi

Pages 231-242

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Applied Picture Fuzzy Sets for Group Decision-Support in the Evaluation of Pedagogic Systems

Hai Van Pham, Nguyen Dang Khoa, Thi Thuy Hang Bui, Nguyen Thi Huong Giang, Philip Moore

Pages 243-257

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A Comparative Study of Gradient Descent Method and a Novel Non-Gradient Method for Structural Shape Optimization

Ishan Jha, Krishna K. Pathak, Mrigank Jha, Ashutosh Ranjan

Pages 258-271

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Learning Unsupervised Visual Representations using 3D Convolutional Autoencoder with Temporal Contrastive Modeling for Video Retrieval

Vidit Kumar, Vikas Tripathi, Bhaskar Pant

Pages 272-287

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Some Problems Related to Reducts of Consistent Incomplete Decision Tables

Dinh Thu Khanh, Vu Duc Thi, Nguyen Long Giang, Le Hoang Son

Pages 288-298

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Optimizing Regeneration Time by Node Selection in Group Repair Code

Swati Mittal, Anu Mehra, Nitin Rakesh, Rakesh Matam

Pages 299-311

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