International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749

Standards Development and Innovative Products. When should Standards be Prepared?
Joseph Aronov, Andres Carrion, Ljubisa Papic, Nataliia Galkina, Deepti Aggrawal, Adarsh Anand
Pages 1081–1093

Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Equations via Metaheuristics
Sangeeta Pant, Anuj Kumar, Mangey Ram
Pages 1108–1126

Computational Enhancement in the Application of the Branch and Bound Method for Linear Integer Programs and Related Models
Masar Al-Rabeeah, Elias Munapo, Ali Al-Hasani, Santosh Kumar, Andrew Eberhard
Pages 1140–1153

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality in Buildings using CFD: A Brief Review
Venu Shree, Bhanu M. Marwaha, Pamita Awasthi
Pages 1154–1168

Analysis of Transient Belt Stretch for Horizontal and Inclined Belt Conveyor System
Sanjay G. Sakharwade, Shubharata Nagpal
Pages 1169–1179

Design and Development of Unmanned Hovercraft
Surendar Ganesan, Balasubramanian Esakki
Pages 1180–1195

Geodesic Approach for an Efficient Trajectory Planning of Mobile Robot Manipulators
Pradip Kumar Sahu, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Pages 1196–1207

The Dynamics of Contact Interaction during the Cutting Process
Dmitriy V. Vasilkov, Alexander V. Nikitin, Igor Y. Tarikov
Pages 1218–1227

Improved Estimators for Estimating Average Yield Using Auxiliary Variable
S. K. Yadav, M. K. Dixit, H. N. Dungana, S. S. Mishra
Pages 1228–1238

ACOCA: Ant Colony Optimization Based Clustering Algorithm for Big Data Preprocessing
Neelam Singh, Devesh Pratap Singh, Bhasker Pant
Pages 1239–1250

One Point Conventional Model to Optimize Trapezoidal Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Dinesh C. S. Bisht, Pankaj Kumar Srivastava
Pages 1251–1263

Optimal Designs for Generalized Pareto Model
Poonam Singh, Ashok Kumar
Pages 1264–1276

Use of Reliability Block Diagram and Fault Tree Techniques in Reliability Analysis of Emergency Diesel Generators of Nuclear Power Plants
Vanderley de Vasconcelos, Wellington Antonio Soares, Antônio Carlos Lopes da Costa, Amanda Laureano Raso
Pages 814-823

Markov Reward Approach and Reliability Associated Cost Model for Machine Tools Maintenance-Planning Optimization
Zeng Wenbin, Ilia Frenkel, Shen Guixiang, Igor Bolvashenkov, Jörg Kammermann, Hans-Georg Herzog, Lev Khvatskin
Pages 824-840

Computer Engineers Look at Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi, Raid Mohammad Salih Badawi
Pages 851-860

Effect of Alcohol Consumption during Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV-1 Replication: Role of Cytochrome P3A4 Enzyme
Srijita Mondal, Priyanka Ghosh, Dibyendu Biswas, Priti Kumar Roy
Pages 922-935

Subassembly Detection and Optimal Assembly Sequence Generation through Elephant Search Algorithm
M. V. A. Raju Bahubalendruni, U. Sudhakar, K. V. Vara Lakshmi
Pages 998-1007

Heat Transfer in Hydromagnetic Flow over an Unsteady Stretching Permeable Sheet
Susheela Chaudhary, Santosh Chaudhary, Sawai Singh
Pages 1018-1030

Post Model Correction in Risk Analysis and Management
G.-J. Siouris, D. Skilogianni, A. Karagrigoriou
Pages 542-566

Application of Chow Test to Estimate the Effect of Mutual Recognition Agreements
Iosif Z. Aronov, Anna M. Rybakova, Vladimir Yu. Salamatov, Anna V. Tangaeva, Nataliia M. Galkina
Pages 591-600

On The Optimal Forms Finding of Shallow Foundations Made Up of Four Foothills with Explicit Considerations of Structural Perturbations
Koumbe Mbock, Etoua Remy Magloire, Ayissi Raoul Domingo, Mamba Mpele, Okpwe Mbarga Richard
Pages 601-618

Annealing Effects on MgO Films Grown using e-beam Evaporation
Jitendra Pal Singh, Lalit Kumar Gupta
Pages 619-626

Sufficient Conditions for Absolute Cesàro Summable Factor
Smita Sonker, Alka Munjal
Pages 627-634

A New Approach for Solving Type-2-Fuzzy Transportation Problem
Somnath Maity, Sankar Kumar Roy
Pages 683-696

SDE based Generalized Innovation Diffusion Modeling
Shakshi Singhal, Adarsh Anand, Ompal Singh
Pages 697-707

Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flow of a Viscous Fluid in a Channel with a Porous Bounding Wall of Different Permeabilities
Nidhi Pandya, Pravin Kumar Srivastava, Ramesh Yadav, R. P. Pandey
Pages 708-728

Computations of Magnetic Forces in Multipole Field Electromagnetic Launcher
Srichandan Kondamudi, Mallikarjuna Rao Pasumarthi
Pages 761-774

Maximizing Lifetime of Barrier Coverage Wireless Sensor Network with Tell Neighbor Algorithm
Vinay Chowdary, Mukul Kumar Gupta, Sushabhan Choudhury
Pages 775-785

Modelling of PVDF/CNF Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite
Brijesh Prasad, Siddharth Arora, Vikas Rathi, Varij Panwar, Pravin P. Patil
Pages 786-794

A Study of the Effects on QoS in WiFi-Cellular Offloading Scenarios
D. Srinivasa Rao, G. B. S. R. Naidu
Pages 795-802

Study of Implication of Qualification and Experience in Perception of Risks and Barriers for Innovative Projects
Balkrishna E. Narkhede, Yogesh D. Ghadage, Rakesh D. Raut, Sunil Luthra
Pages 289-305

Simulation Tool for Livestock Feeding: SIMFEED
Neha Khanna, Pratiksha Saxena
Pages 337-348

Mathematical Modeling for Hospitalization due to Temperature Variations
Nita H. Shah, Purvi M. Pandya, Moksha H. Satia, Foram A. Thakkar
Pages 361-374

CAD-Based Automatic Clash Analysis for Robotic Assembly
Bala Murali Gunji , B. B. V. L. Deepak, Bijaya Kumar Khamari, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Pages 432-441

A Novel Investigation and Comparative Study on Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) System
Amit Kumar Dash, Sanjay Gairola, Sanjay Agrawal, Shweta Shukla
Pages 460-470

Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Products Using Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithm
Jayakumar Sadhasivam, Ramesh Babu Kalivaradhan
Pages 508-520

Variation of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties With Respect To Polarity in Shielded Metal Arc Welding Of Mild Steel
Bijaya Kumar Khamari, Balamurali Gunji, Swapan Kumar Karak, Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Pages 521-530

Optimal Mass Design of 25 Bars Truss with Loading Conditions on Five Node Elements
Koumbe Mbock, Etoua Remy Magloire, Lezin Seba Minsili, Okpwe Mbarga Richard
Pages 1-16

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Systems
Lidong Wang, Cheryl Ann Alexander
Pages 17-26

Energy-Aware Autonomic Resource Scheduling Framework for Cloud
Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan, Amit Agarwal, Venkatadri M., Ashutosh Pasricha
Pages 41-55

Simulation Based Elevator Group Control System for Multi-Storey Building
Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Anuj Banshwar, Mohit Pathak, Naveen Kumar Sharma, Aman Joshi
Pages 77-84

System Reliability Growth Analysis during Warranty
James Li, Greg Collins, Ravi Govindarajulu
Pages 85-94

Signature of A-Within-B-From-D/G Sliding Window System
Akshay Kumar, S. B. Singh
Pages 95-107

A Revised Model for Magneto Convection in Binary Nanofluids
Jyoti Sharma, Urvashi Gupta, Shushant Shukla
Pages 131-138

A Cumulative Study on Differential Transform Method
Geeta Arora, Pratiksha
Pages 170-181

A New Application of Hermite Collocation Method
Chandrali Baishya
Pages 182-190

Meta-Analysis of Fixed, Random and Mixed Effects Models
Savita Jain, Suresh K. Sharma, Kanchan Jain
Pages 199-218

The Generalized Gamma Shared Frailty Model under Different Baseline Distributions
Sukhmani Sidhu, Kanchan Jain, Suresh K. Sharma
Pages 219-231

An Efficient Portfolio with Several Objectives and Varying Parameters
Mrinal Jana, Geetanjali Panda, Neelesh Agrawal
Pages 335-350

An Improved CPU Time in Triangle Splitting Method for Solving a Biobjective Mixed Integer Program
Ali Al-Hasani, Masar Al-Rabeeah, Santosh Kumar, Andrew Eberhard
Pages 351-364

Optimal Control for Transmission of Water Pollutants
Nita H. Shah, Shreya N. Patel, Moksha H. Satia, Foram A. Thakkar
Pages 381-391

Modeling Software Multi Up-Gradations with Error Generation and Fault Severity
Raksha Verma, R. S. Parihar, Subhrata Das
Pages 429-437

Design of a Dual Band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna
Ranjan Mishra, Raj Gaurav Mishra, R. K. Chaurasia
Pages 438-443

Image Denoising Based on Wavelet Transform using Visu Thresholding Technique
Pushpa Koranga, Garima Singh, Dikendra Verma, Shshank Chaube, Anuj Kumar, Sangeeta Pant
Pages 444-449

Influence of Thermodiffusion on Time Dependent Casson Fluid Flow past a Wavy Surface
B. Ramadevi, J. V. Ramana Reddy, V. Sugunamma
Pages 472-490

On The Existence of Yamabe Gradient Solitons
Yadab Chandra Mandal, Shyamal Kumar Hui
Pages 491-497

Tadashi Dohi, Hiroyuki Okamura
Pages 62-63

Maintenance Overtime Policy with Cumulative Damage
Satoshi Mizutani, Toshio Nakagawa
Pages 123-135

A Summary of Replacement Policies with Number of Failures
Xufeng Zhao, Cunhua Qian, Syouji Nakamura, Toshio Nakagawa
Pages 136-150

Note on History of Age Replacement Policies
Toshio Nakagawa, Mingchih Chen, Xufeng Zhao
Pages 151-166

On Estimation of Number of Detectable Software Faults under Budget Constraint
Shinji Inoue, Kenta Hotta, Shigeru Yamada
Pages 135-139

Testing Domain Dependent Software Reliability Growth Models
Deepika, Ompal Singh, Adarsh Anand, Jyotish N. P. Singh
Pages 140-149

An Overview of Various Importance Measures of Reliability System
Kalpesh P. Amrutkar, Kirtee K. Kamalja
Pages 150-171

Stochastic Formulation of Fault Severity Based Multi Release SRGM Using the Effect of Logistic Learning
Jagvinder Singh, Suneeta Bhati, A. R. Prasanan, Ashok Vayas
Pages 172-184

Adarsh Anand, Deepti Aggrawal
Pages 63-63

Diffusion of Innovations: Patenting or Standardization
Iosif Aronov, Aleksandr Zazhigalkin
Pages 64-73

Modeling Multi-generation Innovation Adoption based on Conjoint effect of Awareness Process
Mohini Agarwal, Deepti Aggrawal, Adarsh Anand, Ompal Singh
Pages 74-84

Significant Factors of the Successful Lean Six-Sigma Implementation
Ljubisa Papic, Mihailo Mladjenovic, Andres Carrion Garcia, Deepti Aggrawal
Pages 85-109

A Heuristic for a Mixed Integer Program using the Characteristic Equation Approach
Philimon Nyamugure, Elias Munapo, ‘Maseka Lesaoana, Santosh Kumar
Pages 1-16

Design and Reinforcement of a B-Pillar for Occupants Safety in Conventional Vehicle Applications
Aniekan Essienubong Ikpe, Ejiroghene Kelly Orhorhoro, Abdulsamad Gobir
Pages 37-52

Fabrication and Mechanical Testing of Egg Shell Particles Reinforced Al-Si Composites
Anjali, Razia Malik, Shivani Bhandari, Ankur Pant, Arpit Saxena, Seema, Nitin Kumar, Nikhil Chotrani, Dheeraj Gunwant, P. L. Sah
Pages 53-62

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