International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

The journal considers original manuscripts as per the Aim & Scope from the authors throughout the year. The manuscript should be submitted online through IJMEMS Submission System at https://submission.ijmems.in by the corresponding author after registering yourself. After login, follow the instructions given on the “Submit New Manuscript” screen to complete the submission process.

At the time of New Manuscript submission, the corresponding author must have:

(1) The manuscript must be in the aim & scope of the journal.
(2) Anonymous Manuscript File (in .pdf format only, WITHOUT author’s details, their affiliation identifications and acknowledgements).
(3) Manuscript as Source File (in .docx format only, WITH full author’s details, their affiliation identifications and acknowledgements).
(4) Signed Copyright Form (in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf format only) which can be found here.
(5) Full name, original e-mail id, affiliation of EIGHT Reviewers (maximum three reviewers from one country).
(6) References used in the manuscript should be most appropriate & relevant to the research work, also in the aim & scope of IJMEMS.
(7) Tables and figures should be original and unpublished.
(8) All Authors (full name, original email id, affiliation).
(9) The similarity of the article should be minimum and not more than 1% from a single source.

The authors must follow the following guidelines while preparing the .docx file (Source File):

Paper Size:

Letter, 8.5”X 11”; Margin, Top: 1.5”; Bottom: 1”; Left: 1”; Right: 1”; Gutter: 0; Gutter Position: Left.
Header and Footer: 0.6”

Line Spacing:

Single whole paper, Spacing: Before: 0 pt., After: 0 pt.

Font Size:

Conflict of Interest, Acknowledgments:

Both statements must be written before the reference section. For more information, kindly see the recently published papers in IJMEMS.


Arranged in alphabetic order, limited, most relevant to the research work and cited (Cai et al., 2001; Xing and Dugan, 2002) in the paper as APA style i.e.

Journal papers:

Cai, K.Y., Cai, L., Wang, W.D., Yu, Z.Y., & Zhang, D. (2001). On the neural network approach in software reliability modeling. Journal of Systems and Software, 58(1), 47-62.

Xing, L., & Dugan, J.B. (2002). Analysis of generalized phased-mission system reliability, performance, and sensitivity. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 51(2), 199-211.,

Book chapters:

Kumar, A., Pant, S., Ram, M., & Singh, S.B. (2017). On solving complex reliability optimization problem using multi-objective particle swarm optimization. In: Ram, M., Davim, J.P. (eds) Mathematics Applied to Engineering. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 115–131.

Ram, M., & Goyal, N. (2015). Gas turbine assimilation under copula coverage approaches. In: Davim, J.P. (ed) Research Advances in Industrial Engineering. Springer, Berlin, pp. 103–116.


Sannino, A., Breder, H., & Nielsen, E.K. (2006, June). Reliability of collection grids for large offshore wind parks. In 2006 International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (pp. 1-6). IEEE. Stockholm, Sweden.

Sawaragi, T. (1999, October). Modeling and analysis of human interactions with and within complex systems. In IEEE SMC'99 Conference Proceedings. 1999 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (Vol. 1, pp. 701-707). IEEE. Tokyo, Japan.

Elghali, S.B., Benbouzid, M.E.H., & Charpentier, J.F. (2007, May). Marine tidal current electric power generation technology: State of the art and current status. In 2007 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (Vol. 2, pp. 1407-1412). IEEE. Antalya, Turkey.


Pham, H. (2007). System software reliability. Springer Verlag, London.

Rao, R.V. (2007). Decision making in the manufacturing environment: using graph theory and fuzzy multiple attribute decision-making methods. Springer Verlag, London.

Ebeling, C.E. (2004). An introduction to reliability and maintainability engineering. Tata McGraw-Hill Education, New York.

You can download the Template from here.

At the first time manuscript submission to IJMEMS, the corresponding author can submit the manuscript only in a standard format (like Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction,……………………, Conclusion, Conflict of Interest, Acknowledgment, References), that means there is no need to format the manuscript as per IJMEMS Paper Template at the time of initial submission to the journal.

Also, the corresponding author must format the manuscript as per IJMEMS Paper Template if receives the revisions during the peer-review process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. How long time does it take for the peer-review process of the manuscript?

Answer: Generally, the first review round takes 1 to 8 months- subject to reviewer response.

Q. How long time does it take for the manuscript to be accepted?

Answer: There is no such time limit.

Q. Can I send/submit my colleague’s manuscript to the journal?

Answer: No. Only the author must submit the manuscript as a corresponding author.

Q. What is the submission format/template?

Answer: Only MS word 2010 or later. For more information, kindly see at https://ijmems.in/forauthors.php

Q. Can I submit the manuscript in latex/pdf format?

Answer: No. Only MS word 2010 or later generated PDF file will be considered for the review process.

Q. What are the Article Processing Charges (APCs)?

Answer: Kindly see at https://ijmems.in/publicationfee.php

Q. How long does the manuscript need to publish in an issue?

Answer: Accepted manuscript(s) will be published in forthcoming issues or as per the requirement, automatically.

Q. How to submit a manuscript to IJMEMS?

Answer: The manuscript must be submitted through the online IJMEMS submission system at https://submission.ijmems.in.

Q. When can the manuscript be submitted?

Answer: The manuscript can be submitted throughout the year to the journal.

Q. Is there a fast review process?

Answer: No, there is only standard review process. Students/faculties needing a quick decision should note that papers not to submit to IJMEMS because it will take 1 month to 8 months' time to complete the first review process.

Q. Can authors reuse the text/figures/tables from other published work?

Answer: No. Authors must use their own original and unpublished material.

Q. What is the article length as per IJMEMS format?

Answer: Generally, a minimum of 8 pages and maximum of 30 pages.