International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749

There is No Submission Fee/No Publication Fee/No Article Processing Charges for regular articles. Only extra page charges are there after formatting the final paper in IJMEMS format, if accepted after peer review process.

Manuscripts 10 pages or less will incur no page charges as per IJMEMS format. There will be a charge of Rs. 2500 per page (for Domestic) & 50 USD per page (for Foreign) for each additional page, e.g., the 11th page will cost Rs. 2500 or 50 USD plus taxes.

By submitting a manuscript authors automatically commit to accept the page limits on the final manuscript and to pay the possible related extra page charges if the manuscript will be accepted for publication. Each extra page or fraction of page exceeding the page limit of 10 pages is subject to a mandatory extra page charge as mentioned above. Payment will be requested for accepted papers during the production stage. Kindly note that extra page charges are “Non-refundable”. No refund request will be entertained.

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