International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN: 2455-7749 . Open Access

Volume 7 (2022), Number 1 (February)

Condition-based Maintenance Optimization of Degradable Systems

Shuaichong Wei, Mustapha Nourelfath, Nabil Nahas

Pages 1-15

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Bitcoin Selfish Mining Modeling and Dependability Analysis

Chencheng Zhou, Liudong Xing, Jun Guo, Qisi Liu

Pages 16-27

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Exploration of Network Theory to Evaluate Organizational Resilience

Cristina Ruiz-Martin, Gabriel Wainer, Adolfo Lopez-Paredes

Pages 28-48

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A Novel S-LDA Features for Automatic Emotion Recognition from Speech using 1-D CNN

Pradeep Tiwari, A. D. Darji

Pages 49-67

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Using a Combination of Matrix Approach to Robustness Analysis (MARA) and Fuzzy DEMATEL-Based ANP (FDANP) to Choose the Best Decision

Ali Sorourkhah, S. A. Edalatpanah

Pages 68-80

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A Step Towards Generation of DoS/DDoS Attacks Dataset for Docker-Centric Computing

Aparna Tomar, Preeti Mishra, Rahul Bisht, Peddoju Sateesh Kumar

Pages 81-91

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Comprehensive Study on Materials used in Different Types of Additive Manufacturing and their Applications

Rami Alfattni

Pages 92-114

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Sustainable Supplier Selection in Agri-Food Supply Chain Management

Nesrin Ada

Pages 115-130

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A Solution Approach for Multi-Level Multi-Objective Quadratic Fractional Programming with Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers using Rouben Ranking Function

Vandana Goyal, Namrata Rani, Deepak Gupta

Pages 131-152

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Uniform Asymptotic Probability for Multi Renewal Risk Model with Strong Subexponential Tailed Claims

Fotis Loukissas, Alex Karagrigoriou

Pages 153-165

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